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Parishes coast to coast are using this book as a gift for RCIA candidates and faith formation parents! It is quickly sweeping the nation as it becomes the "go to guide" for living the Faith!


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Author Pamela Patnode, OblSB will be presenting: 


January 3: Milaca, MN (St. Mary/St.Louis Catholic Parish)


January 8, 2018: Relevant Radio

St. Benedict and Parenting Teens


February 12, 2018: Relevant Radio

True Leisure and Keeping the Sabbath Holy



What readers are saying:


"In Dare to Live Catholic, Pamela Patnode has written a clear, useful, and deeply thoughtful guide to help couples and families bring their Catholic faith to a more full and rich expression in their daily lives. . . .Throughout the books five steps, . . . the author lays out a pathway that incorporates good theology, practice, and attention for different aged learners. To boot, there are well-chosen, memorable stories that will serve to help the reader stay with the commitment to become an intentional Catholic." Abbot John Klassen, St. John's Abbey


". . . this book is a must read for anyone striving to live a faith-directed life." Mrs. Patti Watkins, Director of Faith Formation, St. Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic Church


". . . Dare to Live Catholic will give you the blueprint to deepen your faith in God and help you live a faith-directed life." Fr. Corey Belden, Pastor of St. Anne's Catholic Church

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Already on its fifth printing, The Confession of Grace is a fictional story written for the young elementary age student. This engaging book can be read in a faith-formation class, in a Catholic school, or at home with the child. The beauty behind this book is that it instructs young people about the Church's teaching on the Sacrament of Confession, but it does so within the context of the story. Children won't even realize they are learning because they will be engrossed in the story. The Confession of Grace carries the Imprimatur, assuring that its material is consistent with Catholic doctrine. With easy-to-read text and delightful illustrations, this book is a must have for every classroom and Catholic family. Recently awarded the Catholic Writer's Guild Seal of Approval!


Now available in Spanish!


Author: Pamela Patnode                      ISBN: 978-0-9899051-0-7


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Catholic Writers Guild awards The Seal of Approval to


The Confession of Grace!



Author Pamela Patnode is honored to be a regular guest of Relevant Radio.


On Monday, March 12, Patnode will be speaking with John Harper and Glen Lewerenz of "Morning Air." 


Tune in live at 7:15am (ET) or listen on-line or with the app.


Pamela Patnode is pleased to speak at national conferences and local parish events. She is a proud member of the elite Catholic speakers bureau CMG Booking.




The sequel to the popular Confession of Grace! Philomena Press is excited to announce

A Communion of the Heart by author Pamela Patnode.


Now available in Spanish!


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“What is the best way to receive Holy Communion?” (The answer might surprise you!)

“What is a monstrance?”

“Why do we genuflect and make the Sign of the Cross?”

“Isn’t the Eucharist just a symbol?”

These are just some of the questions that are discussed and answered in this enchanting story. Young children (and many adults) will learn much about our rich Catholic faith by reading A Communion of the Heart. Best of all, it’s not a text book listing facts and vocabulary words in bold face type. Rather, it instructs children about our Faith using the most proven teaching method around: story-telling.



Author Pamela Patnode was a guest of the EWTN television program At Home With Jim and Joy on Monday, November 23, (2-3pm ET). 



View program here:

A Communion of the Heart Chapter 1
Preview the first chapter by clicking on this link
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"This book is the necessary resource for every Catholic home schooling family."

Homeschooling mother

Order your copy today! Now available in English and Spanish!

5 Steps to Successful

Home Schooling

How to Add Faith and Focus to

Your Home Education Program 

By Pamela Patnode


ISBN# 978-0-615-62947-6

ISBN# 0615629474

Just in time for the upcoming home school conference season, Philomena Press has released an essential book for all home schooling families.


Do you home educate your children? Are you succeeding? How do you know? Are you new to home schooling and looking for the necessary tools to help you get started? If you are looking for information on how to succeed at home schooling, then this is the book for you. In a simple step-by-step process, Pamela Patnode walks you through the essential process for achieving success in your home education program. Through this book, you’ll learn how to incorporate prayer into your daily life, how to establish a mission statement, the value of reading, and so much more. Plus, there is contact information for home school groups, curriculum suppliers, and support networks throughout the nation. Whether you’ve been home schooling for years or need to begin quickly, this is the book for you! Imprimatur.