Discussion Questions for

A Communion of the Heart




Chapter 1:      Did You See That?


1. Have you ever watched how people receive Holy Communion?


2. What are some of the ways you’ve seen people receive the Eucharist?


3. Why is it important that we think about how we receive Communion?


4. What does “reverent” mean?




Chapter 2: A Letter to the Pope


1. Have you ever had a “snow day” or other unexpected day off from school? What did you do on that day?


2. Do you know how to genuflect? Let’s say the word together. Now let’s all genuflect together.


3. Why do we genuflect?


4. Have you ever seen a monstrance before? What is it used for?


5. Who is our Pope? Did you know that St. Peter was the very first Pope? Jesus chose him to be the first Pope ever!



 Chapter 3: Isn’t it Just a Symbol?


1. Do you have an outfit picked out for your first Holy Communion? What will you wear?


2. Why is it important to dress nicely for Mass?


3. Have you ever heard someone wrongly refer to the Eucharist as a symbol?






Chapter 4: Can you see Jesus?


1. Do you know how to make the sign of the cross? Why do we make the sign of the cross? Let’s practice it together.


2. Can we see calcium in milk? What about vitamin C in oranges? What are some other things that we can’t see – but that we know are there?


3. Did Jesus say that Holy Communion is His Body and Blood or did He say it is a symbol?


4. Can we trust Jesus?


5. Do you know people who like to learn about the Catholic faith? You children are so smart to be learning about your Faith. Never stop learning!




Chapter 5: Grace’s First Communion


1. When Grace prayed alone in bed, she told Jesus that she loves Him. Have you ever told Jesus that you love Him? Tonight, when we are home and in our own beds, let’s pray to Jesus and tell Him that we love Him.


2. In the story, Grace was excited to receive a letter from Pope Francis. Isn’t it fun to get mail? What is the best letter you’ve ever received?


3. How did Pope Francis say that Grace should receive Holy Communion?


4. How will you receive Holy Communion?






1. How did Grace feel after she made her First Communion? How do you think
you're going to feel after your First Communion?


2. Grace asked if she could go to Mass before the following Sunday. How often can we go to Mass as Catholic Christians? How often do you go to Mass? Why should we go to Mass every single week?




Congratulations children on making it to “The Big Leagues of Faith.” The Sacrament of Holy Communion is an important sacrament and an exciting step on your faith journey. God bless you!




Copyright 2015 Pamela Patnode