Discussion Questions for

The Confession of Grace




Chapter 1:      Why Do You Do That?


1. Have you ever been asked why we do something the way we do in our Church?


2. Have you ever wondered why we do certain things?


3. Have you ever been to a church different from your own? What was similar? What
was different?




Chapter 2: A Meeting at Church


1. Did you think Grace was brave to ask a question during the meeting? Have you
ever felt nervous to ask a question before?


2. Do all of you brush your teeth? Have any of you ever had a cavity?


3. How is going to Confession similar to going to the dentist?


4. How often do you think we should go to Confession?



 Chapter 3: Back at the Park


1. Anna asked Grace what the Bible said about Confession. Have you ever wondered
what the Bible said about something?


2. Why is the Bible important?


3. How can we know what it teaches?


4. Have you ever tried to read the Bible? It can be hard! Even grown-ups have a
hard time reading the Bible! Keep trying and ask for help. Starting with a
children’s Bible is a good idea.



Chapter 4: A Conversation With Fr. Duncan


1. What did Grace do to find out the answer to her question?


2. When we have a question about our Catholic Christian faith, what can we


3. Have any of you ever been in a priest's or deacon's office? What was it like?


4. Fr. Duncan gave Grace a crucifix. Do you know what the difference is between a
cross and a crucifix?


5. From what book of the Bible did Fr. Duncan’s verse come?


6. According to Fr. Duncan, the Apostles were given the authority to forgive sins
or to retain them (which means not to forgive the sin). What is the only way for
a priest to know whether or not they should forgive someone?



Chapter 5: Grace’s First Confession


1. Why was Grace’s mom proud of her?


2. Grace’s mom said that Grace put time and effort into her faith. What are some
things we can do to put time and effort into our faith?


3. What did Grace do in the pew before she got in line for Confession?


4. Do you know what an “Examination of Conscience” is?


5. How did Grace feel after she made her First Reconciliation? How do you think
you're going to feel after your First Confession?


Congratulations children on making it to “The Big Leagues of Faith.” The Sacrament of
Reconciliation is an important sacrament and an exciting step on your faith journey. God bless you!


Copyright 2013.  Pamela Patnode. Philomena Press.