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Patnode presents at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

Catholic speaker, author, and educator, Pamela Patnode, has presented to church groups, youth groups, and at home school conferences both nationally and internationally. As a Catholic wife, mother, and pilgrim on the faith journey, Patnode has a gift for encouraging others and guiding them into a closer relationship with Christ through prayer, patience, perseverance, and a common sense approach. Patnode might be just the person you're looking for - for your next event. To learn more about topics upon which Patnode speaks, and those issues specific to your event, please contact her at CMG Booking or info@Philomenapress.com.






Patnode is a Benedictine Oblate who graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Augustine Institute with a Master of Arts degree in Theology.


Patnode successfully defended her dissertation in January, 2020 and was awarded a Doctorate in Educational Leadership in March, 2020.


Pamela Patnode, Ed.D. enjoys partnering with parents, students, and schools to help all students reach their potential, especially those with learning challenges.


Patnode's Dissertation (Understanding the Whole Student Approach and Its Influence on the Graduation Rates of Hispanic/Latino ELL Students within Catholic High Schools) can be found through ProQuest


A summary of the information that is useful for Catholic educators can be found through Ave Maria Press (their teacher resources) as well as their Professional Development webinars

Our Lady of Peace Shrine. Santa Clara, CA. Spanish language presentation.


Because of her fluency in Spanish, Patnode is able to present in both English and Spanish.


Whether speaking in English or Spanish, Patnode provides tools and encouragement to families, helping them grow closer to Christ.


Patnode has been honored to speak at the first U.S. Homeschool Conference to offer a Spanish speaking track (here in Santa Clara, CA), as well as the first international Catholic homeschooling conference (below) in Mexico City, Mexico.


Mexico City, Mexico