Introducing Children to Beauty during Lent


1. Listen to classical music, Gregorian chant and Old Catholic hymns.


2.Introduce children to sacred art by combining it with



Recommended resources include:


The Illuminated Rosary:                


Art 5 for Young Catholics/The Rosary in Art:


Holy Name of Jesus Lent: Weekly Prayer Guide:



3. Read beautiful literature, poetry, and spiritual books.


Recommended resources include:


The Weight of a Mass by Josephine Nobisso:



A Communion of the Heart by Pamela Patnode:


The Confession of Grace by Pamela Patnode:


The Harp and the Laurel Wreath (poetry and Scripture

selections for children ages K-12) by Laura Berquist:




4.Go outside to enjoy the beauty of nature. And, attend the

richly beautiful liturgies of Holy Week!